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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday evening and I'm tired-

We had a beautiful Easter church service this morning that was as nice as any Easter service I've ever attended. For the first time in several years our church bell was rung at the end of the service! Ringing that bell and letting the community know that St Peters is alive and welcoming has been a priority for me for several months now. After a bit of high altitude maintenance this week, it works and I rang it for all the world to hear!

I finally got the grass mowed here at Wasted Electrons World headquarters this afternoon! The weather and my other obligations have really conspired against my efforts to keep the grass under control and I finally got some hours and dry weather today. The front yard was so bad I had to mow it twice! But it's done and in spite of the Muse of Murray's reluctance to awake from winter slumber. Now I just have to get busy with some additional sprinkler work... I purchased a big bag of bulbs for the spousal unit to be installed shortly in an unwatered flower bed, so before we can plant, I have to pipe in some irrigation. I suppose that will keep me busy in a day or two!

And, in spite of my very best efforts, I'm still unemployed...

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